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iPro Tech Premium Scan

IPRO Premium Scan provides Salt Lake Legal a flexible project setup function, multiple levels of security, access control, workflow tools, and multiple quality control modules to analyze and detect issues before they become problems.


Extend your capabilities by creating export load files for 3rd party programs, which include Summation 5.2, Blaze, EDII, Blaze LG, Opticon, Ringtail (Access 97 and 2000), Doculex, DB Textworks, ETech, OLL, Visionary, Documatrix, Introspect, and ASCII formats. Additionally, integrate with other IPRO products, including OCR, Coding, IPRO Build, PDF Creation, IPublish, and IPRO Print modules.

Image Management

Introduce greater flexibility into the scanning process through burning in image keys, messages, and bar codes. Clean up and enhance images interactively while creating images in TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP, PCX, and PNG formats.

  • Exact Duplicate Identification
  • Near-Duplicate Detection
  • Near-Duplicate Side by Side Comparison Highlighting Differences
  • Alerts of Password Protected Files
  • Alerts of Non-Searchable Files
  • Print, Email, Redact, & Export from Any Locations
  • Concept Clustering
  • Persistent Highlighting Using Word/Phrase Lists
  • Email Threading
  • User End Ability to Micro-manage Security
  • Robust Reporting
  • 24/7 Support – Support Desk Phone Number available upon request
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