Scanning & Digital Services

Scanning and Digital Services

Salt Lake Legal is known for fast, professional, and accurate work. Quality is something we care about at Salt Lake Legal because our team truly cares about the work they complete. Every project is hand checked for quality page for page with the highest standards. Salt Lake Legal’s leadership team has been working in the litigation support field for an average of 11 years each which allows us to produce work at maximum efficiency.

At Salt Lake Legal we employ a highly experienced staff in our digital services department. Using state of the art equipment we scan in multiple formats and create the correct load files for all litigation data bases. All images are quality checked page for page and compared against the original documents to ensure accuracy and viewable images.

Salt Lake Legal uses high-speed scanners that are capable of scanning many types of documents from small checks, color, NCR paper, 11×17, etc.¬† With our large in-house scanning department we can take your paper documents and convert them to electronic images so you can view them anywhere, anytime. We also offer on-site scanning if you need to keep documents on site. Scanning your documents not only reduces the amount paper involved in your case, but also protects your files from being lost or destroyed. Scanning your documents allows you to print physical documents as needed from its digital form. Our scanning department can also print out large volume projects for you if more capacity and a quicker turnaround is required. Salt Lake Legal ensures that each document is properly checked for accuracy. All images are quality checked page for page and compared against the original documents to ensure accuracy and viewable images.

A brief list of some of our scanning and digital services include:

  • Digital Bates Numbering
  • Convenience Brief
  • Digital Tagging
  • Color Slipsheeting
  • Multipage Tiff
  • Bookmarking
  • Coding & Indexing
  • Watermarking
  • OCR
  • Digital Redacting
  • Summation, Concordance, Ringtail, Trial Director, etc.
iPro Tech Premium Scan

IPRO Premium Scan provides Salt Lake Legal a flexible project setup function, multiple levels of security, access control, workflow tools, and multiple quality control modules to analyze and detect issues before they become problems.


Extend your capabilities by creating export load files for 3rd party programs, which include Summation 5.2, Blaze, EDII, Blaze LG, Opticon, Ringtail (Access 97 and 2000), Doculex, DB Textworks, ETech, OLL, Visionary, Documatrix, Introspect, and ASCII formats. Additionally, integrate with other IPRO products, including OCR, Coding, IPRO Build, PDF Creation, IPublish, and IPRO Print modules.

Image Management

Introduce greater flexibility into the scanning process through burning in image keys, messages, and bar codes. Clean up and enhance images interactively while creating images in TIFF, PDF, JPG, BMP, PCX, and PNG formats.

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