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Salt Lake Legal has a nationwide network of experienced attorneys to assist law firms and general counsels with discovery document review. These attorneys are experienced AMLaw 100 attorneys with years of complex document review experience on every major discovery platform. Many of these attorneys have advanced technical degrees including electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, biology, pharmacology and chemistry. Our attorneys include USPTO licensed attorneys and attorneys with foreign language proficiency. The experienced attorney can even review CAD and patent drawings, prior art and claims construction.


No matter how large or how small your discovery document review needs are, Salt Lake Legal can help. After engagement our project manager will coordinate review protocols, custodians and coding layouts. The project manager will prepare a training memo for attorneys working on your case to coordinate coding trees and protocol. Our network of discovery professionals can help with deposition preparation and draft review memos summarizing the review results providing our clients with a tangible, usable deliverable data they can use for litigation.


Please allow us to submit a proposal for your attorney review requirements. Salt Lake Legal is committed to providing excellent value to our customers.

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